Debora Wade is a multi-media artist living in Santa Cruz, California. She calls herself a Fairy Godmother because she creates magical spaces where the community is invited to come together and create art, music, food, and laughter. She created Fairytale Farm, an urban farm in downtown Santa Cruz, hosting art, gardening, food, and music events from 2009 - 2017. She designed the "Pumpkin Pedicab", a roving Cinderella carriage which is now a part of Santa Cruz Pedicab. She is a musician and songwriter, performing solo or with the band "Palace of Dreams", and has collaborated with other artists to create an album and art videos. She also is an oil painter, photographer, and muralist. This website shows her collective works. 

Fairytale Farm
Fairytale Farm's
 Redwood Circle
This 11 foot redwood circle was sourced from a redwood grove on private property in Santa Cruz, chopped down by Karsten and Don Wade, and designed and constructed by Debora and Karsten Wade with help from friends. This redwood circle was used for figure drawing sessions, dinner parties, photograhpy, music events, and more.
Fairytale Farm Photos
Santa Cruz Pedicab
The Pumpkin Pedicab
The pumpkin pedicab, or Cinderella carriage, was designed by Debora Wade and built by Main Street Pedicabs. This pumpkin pedicab has transformed into a "tiki" cab, and pulls the Grand Marshalls in the Pride Parade and has participated in the Holiday Parades.
Fine art 
"Red Orach"

2017 Oil on Canvas, orach seeds

2018 Oil on Canvas
"Santa Cruz Art League - 10 min"
2018, Pencil on paper

2018, Oil on canvas


2018, Photograph


2015, Photograph
"Temple of Venus"
2015, Photograph
2015, Photograph
"La Fenice"
2015, Photograph